Hello There

My name Josh Kittle

I began experimenting with electronics at a young age (or if you were to have asked my dad, he would have said that I liked to take things apart), but my interest fizzled out after a couple of years; this was back in the later days of Radio Shack, but before the Internet. After school, and finding myself in an IT career, I began teaching at a local community college as a second job. I found that I really enjoyed teaching, and I started to develop a passion for e-learning. Around the same time, the ‘maker revolution’ happened, and I started getting back into electronics, using microcontrollers like the Arduino and BASIC Stamp. It wasn’t long before I was re-introduced to my nemsis – the Blue Smoke Monster (or the magic smoke, it depends what terms were in use where you were learning) – a thing of urban legend. I didn’t let that stop me, I still experiment with hobby electronics, and I’m learning more than ever! At its core, Project: Blue Smoke Monster is my blog. It’s a place for me to share my adventures in electronics with you.  At a deeper level, it’s a place I make projects that I design available for others to experiment with (see the Microcontroller Trainer) and also a place for me to share some courseware for those of you who may be looking for an ‘instructor ride along’.  A network engineer by day, at night I still like to sniff solder and often find myself being visited by the Blue Smoke Monster himself. But hey, blowing things up is half the fun, and part of the learning process, right? Thanks for stopping by!

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