Thanks for visiting Project: Blue Smoke Monster! My name is Josh, and I’ve been experimenting with hobby electronics for the better part of 30 years. Project: Blue Smoke Monster is my way of sharing some of my experiences with the community at large.

The phrase ‘blue smoke monster’ is one of modern folklore. From the time I was first experimenting with electronics around the age of 10, it was not uncommon to hear references to ‘letting out the magic blue smoke’ or ‘getting visited by the blue smoke monster’. Project: Blue Smoke Monster plays homage to that tradition – experimenting with electronics, destroying components, and overall – just learning by doing.

As I design projects, I like to share my work with the community. A few of my projects have become products you can buy (check out the Microcontroller Trainer), while others I just do for the fun of it. As I continue building this website, my goal is to continue to share content surrounding hobby electronics with the community at large, and I encourage you to join in and participate!

You can also find me streaming on Twitch a few nights a week! http://www.twitch.tv/bluesmokemonster